15 year old Cape Town Space Society member is on his way to Advanced Space Academy… and possibly Mars!



His dream is to one day go to Mars… and his acceptance to a prestigious Space Academy in the USA, is his stepping stone to getting there!


Cape Town, Western Cape – Rajveer Singh Jolly, a “Student Space Ambassador of The Mars Generation” and a member of the “Cape Town Space Society”, is a young passionate leader who believes that by spreading positivity and helping others… simple chain reactions can change the lives of many all around the world!

It’s all about spreading the kindness, however it doesn’t all stop there! Rajveer has a dream to one day explore a planet where currently no humans have ever been, Mars!

“I am Rajveer Singh Jolly and I am a 15-year-old teen aspiring to be one of the first astronauts who will one day go to Mars.”

5 years ago his family moved to South Africa from India and Rajveer knew that this country is where he needed to be. From doing Random Acts of Kindness, to becoming a Lead SA Youth Hero and donating 1000 packs of Sanitary pads to underprivileged girls, he has always tried to change the negative mentality of others into something positive.

But it is his passion for Space that has always motivated him to work harder and be the best person he can possibly be.

Rajveer has a plan to one day visit Mars and last year, he decided to apply for a Space Camp Leadership Scholarship program so that he could learn new things about Mars, while being able to share his experience with South Africa in the process.

And after a year of waiting… found out that he was accepted!

The program consists of a full tuition scholarship to attend the Advanced Space Academy at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in June this year, the only problem was that Rajveer needed funding to get there!

“My scholarship application was selected for award from among the 470 scholarship applications that was received. With the actual cost of the camp being covered, the major cost that still needs to be covered is the flight fee. The cost of the airfare will be about R 28 000 which is a lot of money.”

Rajveer started a crowdfunding campaign and in just 2 weeks, the passionate soon-to-be astronaut is just  R4000 away from his target!

“Chances like these come once in a lifetime. I want to develop and explore! For thousands of years the only home humans have ever known is Earth. Mars is there, waiting to be reached.”

We are sure that you will make it Rajveer, and we look forward to following your journey to Space Camp, and beyond!

Article credit: – www.goodthingsguy.com