A-MAN, Inc. STEM International Sponsors Role Model Day  The Biden Presidential Inauguration Committee National Day of Service

A-MAN, Inc. STEM International Sponsors Role Model Day

The Biden Presidential Inauguration Committee National Day of Service


Prof. Hildred (Hal) Walker and Dr. Bettye Walker

Los Angeles, CA— Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics was the focus for students from age 5 through 18 at the Biden Presidential Inauguration Committee National Day of Service! The event was hosted by Dr. Bettye and Prof. Hildreth Walker, Founders of A-MAN, Inc. STEM International Science Center on Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday, January 18, 2021.

The Zoom event was attended by students from four states: California, Florida, Colorado and the District of Columbia, along with three International students. Role models who spoke included Yale graduate and Environmental Scientist Selah Bell who inspired the students and motivated them with his tips on succeeding in school and how to manage their time.  Colorado MBA Graduate and Med School student Tatiana Rogers spoke about the importance of 

keeping a daily calendar/journal. In addition, she stressed the need for staying physically fit and eating healthy! 

Mr. Donovan Martin, CEO, Donix Electronics Company, stressed the importance of hands on learning and getting exposed to technical activities and events. He demonstrated some of the equipment used at his company. 

Prof. Hildreth (Hal) Walker, Jr. world renown Laser Scientist closed out the program with his historic recapture of being the first to successfully fire a laser to the moon during the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Students were excited to see the short films he discussed and were very interested in learning about his Laser Ranging Experiment. The Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment was the first experiment in history using a hand-placed extra-terrestrial instrument on another celestial body! The program ended with the students learning the young ladies’ and young gentlemen’s mottos!

The National Day of Service, held events happening through next week, combines volunteer’s work with community service as they seek to unite and uplift underserved communities across the country in the spirt of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hal and Bettye have established A-MAN, Inc. STEM, in South Africa at the invitation of President Nelson Mandela to implement science and technology programs in the township schools across the country. Prof. Walker and Dr. Bettye made history again, on February 27, 2019 in South Africa at the opening of the first chapter of the National Space Society (NSS) on the African Continent: The Cape Town Space Society (CTSS), the first-ever Chapter. A-MAN, Inc. is dedicated to building the leaders in science and technology of tomorrow. They share their legacy with the students and provide experiences that prepare them to attend higher academic institutions and begin fulfilling the nation’s leadership and technological needs. 

About Dr. Bettye Walker and Hildreth (Hal) Walker

Dr. Bettye Davis Walker is an internationally renowned educational innovator, former Howard University professor and researcher who has worked with students in Europe, West Africa, and presently in South Africa. Dr. Walker is also a Lifetime member of Alpha Kappa Sorority and Peace Chair for the Rotary Club of Downtown Los Angeles. Scientist and Professor Hildreth (Hal) Walker, Jr. Walker led the manufacturing, testing and operation of the KORAD K-1500 ruby laser system during the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landings lunar laser ranging experiment. This historic first successful interplanetary lunar laser ranging experiment was replicated in 1n 1994 in an interactive exhibit located in the Hands on Science section of Science in American Life at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.




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Left photo: Young student and parent. Right photo: A-MAN, Inc. STEM student.