Global Chapter Assembly meeting summary report


It was with great excitement that the Cape Town Space Society, was able to participate in the recent NSS chapter assembly meeting. I had the privilege to represent our local Cape Town chapter in South Africa.
The proceedings started promptly at 15:00 SAST, and my enthusiasm probably showed, as I was the first participant to join. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Joseph Bland in collaboration with Mr. Avinash Shirode who was responsible for arranging the proceedings in India.
Mr. Bland presented his paper on sustainable habitats in space and space colonies which was very informative and drew many questions from the young Indian audience.
The paper presentation was followed by a Q&A session, followed by the opportunity for NSS chapter members to introduce themselves. As a member of the CTSS, I introduced myself and expanded on what it meant for us as South Africans to be part of this global family sharing common visions. Considering our (CTSS) links with STEM education through the A-MAN group, this platform served as the perfect vehicle to share this passion.
The meeting drew to a close with Mr. Bland presenting possible subjects for resolution by the NSS chapters. I have attached a separate document to this report which highlights these points.
Once again, it was truly a fantastic experience to be part of this CA meeting, the very first of its kind to be hosted on a global scale with participants from all around our planet and I certainly am looking forward to the next such event.

Donovan D Martin, Secretary
CTSS NSS Chapter